FALL Aug. 17- Dec. 20

Toddler and Children's Classes

Mommy & Me

Join our littlest ones in their exuberant exploration of space, shapes, energy, motion and meaning with lots of interactive props. For 2-3 year olds, having a parent or caregiver join in makes them all the more confident and ready for funl!


Keikidancers love moving in unison, stretching, balancing, skipping, running and jumping like cats as they go from circle time to standing to moving across our spacious studio. We introduce basic ballet terminology, create movement patterns and practice memory retention in an atmosphere of fun exploration and structure. Great for 4-5 year olds and even 6 year olds with no prior training. They also get to perform in our annual production!


For those age six  to eight years of age who are ready to begin working on the fundamentals of classical ballet technique including body alignmment, turnout, and careful execution of basic exercises. This is the first time they stand at the barre, practice center exercises and move across the floor in rhythmic patterns. The joy of movement is still emphasized. Twice weekly recommended.

Youth Classes

Ballet 1

Beginners age 8 and older are ready for longer sessions of basic technique with an emphasis on building balance, strength, facility and artistic expression. Twice weekly required. Three times weekly recommended.

Ballet 2 

Beginning Intermediate level technique for those successfully attaining skills taught in Ballet 1. More exercises, longer sequences, quicker movements, more turns, bigger jumps and increased strength and facility taught at this level. Three times weekly required.

Ballet 3 

Advanced Intermediate technique with pointe work. Minimum 3 technique classes/week .

Ballet 4-5

Advanced level technique. Entrance by instructor approval.

Pointe 1,2

Beginning pointe class: Must be taken with 3 ballet technique classes level 3 or hight. Mat conditioning class required.

Pointe 3

Intermediate/Advanced pointe class. Entrance by instructor's approval.

Mat Conditioning

Exercise class for alignment, abdominal strength and toning based on the Pilates method.

Jazz 1 

Beginning jazz dance to contemporary pop, rock and jazz for students ages 8 and older. Pre-requisite: 1 full year of Ballet 1 twice weekly.

Jazz 2 

Intermediate jazz with a more contemporary bend including more floor work. Concurrent enrollment in Ballet 3 required.


Intermediate/Advanced contemporary movement for teens. Instructor Jose Silva.


Hip Hop for Ballet 2's and 3's and 4’s, Sundays August 25-October 20 9 weeks. Instructor Katelyn Wyatt.

Special Guys (& Gals) Strengthening Class

Ballet class with emphasis on strength and technique for male dancers but ladies welcome. Sundays, October 27-December 15, 8 weeks. Instructor David Barbour.


Adult Classes 

*Contemporary Adult | $16 for single class, $73 for 5-class card, $135 for 10-class card

Intermediate/Advanced movement for adults. Instructor: Katelyn Wyatt.

*Adult Beginning | $16 for single class, $73 for 5-class card, $135 for 10-class card

Adult ballet for those with NO/Minimal prior training. Call to inquire .Instructor: David Barbour.

*Adult Ballet 1-2 | $16 for single class, $73 for 5-class card, $135 for 10-class card

Beginning/Intermediate level technique. Instructor: Anna Motteler (Mon)  Denise Chong (Sun)

*Adult Ballet 3-4 | $16 for single class, $73 for 5-class card, $135 for 10-class card

Intermediate/Advanced level technique. Instructor: David Barbour.

*Adult Jazz | $16 for single class, $73 for 5-class card, $135 for 10-class card

Beginning/Intermediate level jazz for adults. Instructor: John Rampage.

Mat Conditioning | $16 for single class, $73 for 5-class card, $135 for 10-class card

Exercise Class for alignment, abdominal strength and toning based on Pilates method . Open to adults.

Mat B-4 | $16 for single class, $73 for 5-class card, $135 for 10-class card

Advanced mat class. Open to adults.

*All adult classes are on-going. Cash or check payment accepted at the door. Call to inquire 808-735-6553 or Email director@queenemmaballet.com

General Information & Policies

Classes, under the direction of Minou Lallemend and Suzanne Rowland, strive to nurture a love for dance and movement while training the body in classical ballet technique appropriate to each student’s development. The opportunity to perform in productions and other events are also scheduled. Classes are offered to girls and boys, age four and up as well as adults. Students are placed according to age and ability. Inquire about scholarships for boys.


As ballet is both a physical discipline and an art form, regular attendance is of the utmost importance.

Missed classes, whether due to illness or holidays, may be made up during the current session.

Please notify the school or instructor in case of absences and to arrange a make-up time.

Please be prompt. Students arriving late may be asked to watch rather than participate.

Parents and family may watch class on Open House days.

Instructor’s welcome questions regarding a student’s progress and enjoy the opportunity to speak with parents but as class time is limited, please call if possible.

Phone numbers may be obtained by calling the school office at 735-6553.


All students must be in certifiably good health and able to fully participate in class activities.

Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately so that a positive environment for learning is maintained in the studio.

Gum chewing, sitting, unnecessary talking or disruptive behavior is considered inappropriate and may result in a student being asked to leave class.

No food or drinks are allowed to be consumed in the studio, dressing room or office.

Students are expected to keep the studio and waiting area free of litter.



Ponytail, braids or a bun, pink leotards, leather ballet slippers.

Tights and skirts optional.


Hair in a bun, pink tights, ballet slippers and correct leotard color:

Ballet 1: Lavender

Ballet 2: Teal

Ballet 3: Purple Ballet 4-5: Black or any dark solid.

No skirts allowed in Ballet 1-3 except on designated days.

Boys: Black or White ballet slippers, T-shirts tucked into shorts.

Step-N-Up Hawaii (ph. 941-7837) has the best selection of dance attire.


Tuition is paid in advance. There is a processing fee of $20 for any returned checks and refunds are allowed only in case of prolonged illness.