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General Information & Policies

Classes, under the direction of Minou Lallemend and Suzanne Rowland, strive to nurture a love for

dance and movement while training the body in classical ballet technique appropriate to each

student’s development. The opportunity to perform in productions and other events are also

scheduled. Classes are offered to girls and boys, age four and up as well as adults. Students are

placed according to age and ability. Inquire about scholarships for boys.


As ballet is both a physical discipline and an art form, regular attendance is of the

utmost importance. Missed classes, whether due to illness or holidays, may be made up during the

current session. Please notify the school or instructor in case of absences and to arrange a make-up

time. Please be prompt. Students arriving late may be asked to watch rather than participate. Parents

and family may watch class on Open House days. Instructor’s welcome questions regarding a

student’s progress and enjoy the opportunity to speak with parents but as class time is limited, please

call if possible. Phone numbers may be obtained by calling the school office at 735-6553.


All students must be in certifiably good health and able to fully participate in class

activities. Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately so that a positive environment

for learning is maintained in the studio. Gum chewing, sitting, unnecessary talking or disruptive

behavior is considered inappropriate and may result in a student being asked to leave class. No food

or drinks are allowed to be consumed in the studio, dressing room or office. Students are expected to

keep the studio and waiting area free of litter.

Dress Code

Keikidance and Pre-ballet, ponytail, braids or a bun, pink leotards, leather ballet

slippers. Tights and skirts optional. Ballet 1 and higher, hair in a bun, pink tights, ballet slippers and

correct leotard color: Ballet 1: Lavender Ballet 2: Teal Ballet 3: Purple Ballet 4-5: Black or any dark

solid. No skirts allowed in Ballet 1-3 except on designated days. Boys: Black or White ballet slippers,

T-shirts tucked into shorts. Step-N-Up Hawaii (ph. 941-7837) has the best selection of dance attire.


Tuition is paid in advance. There is a processing fee of $20 for any returned checks and

refunds are allowed only in case of prolonged illness.