At Queen Emma, it’s so much more than ‘taking class.’
— Terrina Wong, QEB dancer

Teaching Hawaii’s young dancers for over two decades at convenient downtown Honolulu and Kahala locations, Queen Emma Ballet is dedicated to providing students with a strong foundation in classical ballet technique in an atmosphere that encourages personal growth, artistic appreciation and a love of dance.

This vision is supported by our deep experience in early ballet technical training, our personal attention to the growth of each student’s physical potential and artistic expression, and our commitment to offering our students opportunities to work with innovative and renowned choreographers in and beyond Hawaii.

With class sizes of 8-16 students, personal attention by instructors with distinguished professional credentials is QEB’s hallmark. Classes offered include Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary and Mat for age 4 to adult, beginner to professional. Students also have the opportunity to perform in annual fall and spring productions at local theaters and public venues.

New students are accepted in the summer and fall on a space-available basis. Registration begins in April for the nine-week Summer Term and in June for the 18-week Fall Term.

Scholarships for boys are available.


My daughter, Elissa, started dancing at Queen Emma Ballet at age 5. Today, 12 years after my daughter first started, she is an amazing dancer and desires to continue dance classes in college, all due to the love for dance instilled by her teachers. I am so grateful, not only for the dance ability she gained but the work ethic she applies in everything she does, all stemming from her years at Queen Emma Ballet.
— June Ota, QEB parent
The Queen Emma Ballet faculty are all masters in their fields of practice and provide some of the best training in ballet, jazz and contemporary technique in Hawaii. I can honestly say that without Eve’s and Suzanne’s support, I would not be where I am today as a professional dance artist and as a person. Queen Emma Ballet is not just a dance studio with renowned teachers… It is a family of dance artists that encourage the individual development of each students in not just dance but in understanding discipline and drive, aspiring for future dreams, encouraging individual self-expression and self-confidence and learning about the art of dance.
— Julie Ann Minaai, QEB alum & London-based dance professional
Photo of Julie Ann Minaai as a young ballerina and modern dancer.

Photo of Julie Ann Minaai as a young ballerina and modern dancer.

QEB focuses not only on learning ballet technique and fundamentals, but also stresses the importance of loving the movement itself. All of the instructors are caring, nurturing, and fostered an environment of growth instead of competition. I had incredible opportunities to learn works from guest choreographers and immerse myself not only in ballet but modern, jazz, and more. Ballet taught me discipline, patience, and passion, and helped boost my self-confidence and self-esteem. What I learned through ballet at QEB has helped shape me into the person that I am today, and I feel truly blessed to have been part of this amazing ballet company.
— Jerrica Ching, QEB alum
My son, Everett, has been taking ballet for over 10 years with QEB. He thinks the choreography of his teachers is brilliant; he enjoys the thrill of being on stage; and he thrives on the sense of accomplishment. His ballet and jazz classes have been wonderful for him. Not only does he benefit from focusing and being challenged, his teachers and classes also encourage creativity and teamwork. Last but not least, dance has given him a strong core and excellent balance, both of which have been integral in his other athletic pursuits.
— Rose Marie Vergara, QEB parent
Photo of Everett partnering.

Photo of Everett partnering.

The first ballet class I ever took was at Queen Emma Ballet when I was 14 years old. I have since moved to New York City to dance professionally and often return to the studio as a guest teacher and choreographer. The faculty at Queen Emma Ballet provides rigorous training backed by an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, while simultaneously creating a community that feels like a tight-knit family. While some former students have gone on to dance professionally, others have chosen to pursue other career paths, aided by the meticulous, determined, and unapologetic work ethic they gained through dancing.
— Ryan Yamauchi, NYC-based dance professional
Photo of Ryan Yamauchi dancing.

Photo of Ryan Yamauchi dancing.

In the summer of 2009 when I was turning 17 years old, I took my first ever ballet class with Eve Walstrum. 7 years later, I am now dancing with the Brian Brooks Moving Company here in New York City, having just graduated from Juilliard’s Dance Division as a Hector Zaraspe Award Recipient. I simply could not be where I am today without Eve’s invaluable training and her amazing school, Queen Emma Ballet. Even though I started ballet really late with little to no facility, Eve took me under her wing and, with extensive and quality training, patiently shaped my technique so that I could become a professional dancer. I highly recommend any local dancer in Hawaii who is serious about dance, but who still wants to be in a nurturing and supportive environment, to go to Queen Emma Ballet. I am so proud to call it my home!
— Daniel Ching, Juilliard alum, Brian Brooks Moving Company Member
Photo of Daniel Ching dancing.
Queen Emma Ballet was my home for many years. Beyond the solid training I received, my friends and teachers were my family. I grew up loving and living dance at QEB. Without guidance from Eve, Suzanne, Michael, and others, I never would have had the courage to leave and pursue my dance dreams on the mainland. They pushed me to pursue my schooling at North Carolina School of the Arts and Canada’s National Ballet School. I have danced professionally at the National Ballet of Canada and Peridance Contemporary Dance Company in New York. I perform and teach in Istanbul with Korhan Basaran and Artists as well as with Modern Dance Theater of Istanbul. Queen Emma Ballet gave me more than just training; the studio gave me passion and love for dance, and this has carried me further than my technique ever has.
— Nikki Holck, QEB alum and NYC-based dance professional
Photo of Nikki Holck dancing.

Photo of Nikki Holck dancing.